Secondary Options: Passivation, Etching & More

PVI Industrial Washing offers its customers many value added secondary operations. This allows PVI’s customers to minimize their vendor list and maximize the quality, on time services they receive from PVI. All secondary operations are packaged to customer specification, picked up and delivered on time, every time. Call one of our PVI sales associates to see what value added services PVI can provide for you.

  • Stainless steel passivating: This involves dipping the piece of material in a bath of citric acid, or different blended acids. The acid dissolves any free iron, cause oxygen to bond with the metal to create a barrier. PVI can meet multiple specs such as ASTM 967, ASM 2700 G-01041 and many more.
  • Aluminum Etching: Aluminum etching is used to help promote adhesion. PVI has come up with a process to etch the mill finish of the part to allow adhesive to stick to the material for effectively.
  • Dunnage De-ionizing: PVI has a built a custom machine that uses De-Ionized air to blow off loose dirt, or dust particles. Also helps to remove static cling.
  • High-pressure deburring: High-pressure deburring is used when your traditional deburring is not an option for multiple reasons like threads, passages, surfaces that cannot handle media, or part on part contact as well as other reasons.
  • Part oiling: PVI can apply oil base rust inhibitors to for longer rust prevention. PVI has a few oil base inhibitors on hand, or if you have specific oil that is needed, we can order, and apply.
  • Copper and brass brightening: PVI has engineered a process for both copper and brass to remove stains, and brighten the material.
  • Flame deflashing of plastic dunnage, containers, and other returnable packaging: Flame de-burring is used to removes plastic burrs, flakes, chips. Insuring that parts are not re-contaminated with plastic chips off dunnage.