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Problem Solving For Our Customers

Our experienced team, which shares the common goals of a strongly defined work ethic and a high level of integrity, have developed a reputation of being problem solvers. After listening to our customers’ needs, PVI can recommend a program to solve the problem. We will also make recommendations to our customers after the sale to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Let PVI solve your wash problems.

Core Principles

PVI Industrial Washing strives to be number one in industrial services and customer responsiveness through the application of Christian principles and employee mobilized continuous improvement. We provide personal service, the highest quality standards, and a reliable growth, team-oriented environment for our people and to enhance the welfare of our community.

Quality Policy

PVI Industrial Washing will provide services that meet or exceed customer expectations through people, team work, technology and continuous improvement.

ISO 9001 Cert

Terms and Conditions

PVI Industrial Washing Clients

PVI Industrial Washing currently services the major automobile and furniture manufacturers and their suppliers.

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If you are interested in joining our growing team, please fill out an application or apply in person. Please send your application to michelle@pviwashing.com or mail it to: PVI Industrial Washing - 2632 28th St. SW, Wyoming, MI 49519

Our Team

Dan Boerman

General Manager


Ext. 302

Jason Cogswell

Sales Manager


Ext. 311

Michelle Zwyghuizen

Production Manager


Ext. 308

Doug O’Dell



Ext. 303

Brad Boerman

Quality / Lab / Engineering


Ext. 305

Cindy Slagter



Ext. 301

Jennie Brink

Accounts Receivable


Ext. 309

Our Services Explore

We offer a wide range equipment, products & solutions with options suited to individual needs of our customers. Some of our solutions include:

Our Expertise

Why do it yourself when PVI Industrial Washing offers your company so many advantages? Our expertise will help to save you time, money, and space. Interested? Click below to learn more.

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