Precision Dunnage Washing

To ensure that parts that have been cleaned to a customer’s specifications are never contaminated by dirty dunnage, PVI makes certain that corresponding dunnage and returnable packaging is washed to meet the same specifications as the parts themselves. Our in-house laboratory is capable of testing both parts and dunnage to certify that they have met the customer’s specification.

In the automotive industry, dunnage washing has now become as important as precision washing and part cleaning.

One way or another, dunnage will get contaminated at some point in the storage, manufacturing and shipping process. For precision components, that means that cleaned dunnage is necessary before it can be refilled with clean parts to meet cleanliness specifications when they reach a customer’s facilities.

Precision dunnage washing is especially important for companies shipping high-precision components, particularly automotive parts. This process is becoming more scientific with laboratory testing to ensure cleanliness specifications are met or exceeded for a long list of contaminants - from metallic particles, non-metallic particles to coolants and oils.

Interested in learning more about in-house dunnage capabilities? Contact one of our professionals today and we can answer any questions you have about our dunnage washers and the solutions we can provide for you.


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