Dunnage Washing

During the manufacturing and shipping process it’s easy for trays, totes and pallets to become contaminated. This contamination can include everything from oil, to coolant, to loose debris left behind as part of the production process. When these trays, totes and pallets get reused, that’s when problems can arise. That’s why PVI offers custom dunnage cleaning services, keeping our customers' critical parts clean during the shipping process.

Over time, PVI has risen to the top of the dunnage washing industry due to unmatched adaptability. Our custom-built machinery is able to thoroughly clean a variety of shapes and sizes of dunnage, which is then dried, sorted and packaged according to the customer’s specifications. Our customers can expect a quick turnaround time for dunnage washing, with pickup and/or delivery services offered as well.

Our dunnage wash system can remove everything from loose debris to oil to residue from a variety of surfaces. Our custom dunnage sorting and cleaning technology is top of the line and provides us with tremendous flexibility in the sizes and shapes of dunnage that we can clean.

PVI is currently providing dunnage washing services to many industries, including automotive, food, medical and aerospace manufacturers.

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