Micro Deburring

During the machining process parts are sometimes left with tiny pieces of metal, or burrs, attached to the surface. Unfortunately, this is part of the fabrication process and is common for parts as they go through milling, cutting, and stamping. These burrs can impact the ability to clean parts to a cleanliness specification if not removed. That’s why PVI offers micro-deburring for parts of a variety of shapes and sizes. Our precision deburring capabilities will leave your parts burr free and with a smooth, highly functional exterior.

We offer deburring for small parts as well as larger components. Working with small components requires great precision, something our team has great experience with. Our deburring services are in high demand for high-performing precision parts for critical components such as:

  • Aerospace components
  • Fuel system components
  • Internal transmission components
  • Internal engine components
  • ABS breaking system components
  • Battery cell components
  • Electronic components
  • Hydraulic components

PVI features distinctive deburring methods that can remove small, semi-attached burrs that conventional deburring methods are unable to detach. Micro deburring is usually performed in conjunction with precision cleaning to meet a cleanliness specification.

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